The Struggling Cartoonist


Formerly known (and/or subtitled) as What Lurked in the Linen Closet, Prof. Mark introduces his Cartoonyville Trilogy with this cartoon adventure in which he first meets his cartoon buddies, Deadbeat Skunk, Thurman Q. Porcupine, and an assortment of rejected comic strip characters. One evening while putting away a box of old sketchbooks, his characters, refusing to be abandoned into storage, begin leaping out of the pages into the cartoonist's two-bedroom apartment! That would have made life complicated enough for the adjunct animation professor, but a group of darker, unpublished fantasy illustrations also join the cartoon crowd. Due out late November from!

The Art of Flash Animation: Creative Cartooning


Prof. Mark set out to write the manual not only on Flash Animation that he wished he had to begin with, but also a primer on animation from script to storyboards and layout, from character design to inking, scanning, and/or digitizing your drawings with a WACOM tablet.

Mark even goes in-depth to talk about getting a job in animation! In the last chapter, he interviews animators from Turner Studios' Cartoon Network. They talk about the importance of career networking, figure drawing, favorite Disney animators, and more!

And if all THAT wasn't enough, Mark even has a bunch of Tales from Tangent Man, nice little anecdotes about his own experiences getting started in animation. (For instance, can you believe at age 16, he made his now infamously sarcastic remark: "Animation? That's for children!" Find out why, by reading his book... and better yet, what film changed his mind!) He even includes a personal wish list of great animated films STILL not available on DVD!

Besides writing and illustrating his own books, Prof. Mark also helps other authors and independent publishers by promoting their works. For instance, check out the one-minute animated promo produced for the book entitled "Kayden is Different" by Roosevelt Mitchell.

In "Brick by Brick," young Booker T displays his ability to skip stones with not only strength, but "grace and finesse," as he tells his friend Ida B, in this short demo film for Melanin Origins, an independent publisher of children's books.

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