The Cartoonyville T-shirt store is now officially open!

Fans of Bigfoot, Nessie, Chupacabras and other Cryptids can now share a smile with your own Cryptid or Squatchin' shirts! But why limit yourself to T-shirts? These first three designs are also available in a variety of colors for hoodies, phone and laptop cases, tote bags, coffee mugs, stickers and even masks!

More designs are on the way to our T-shirt store, especially with the Cartoonyville characters (Deadbeat Skunk, Thurman, Sezquatch, Dr. Ratnest, The Arsonist Space Squirrels, and many more) about to hit bookshelves in The Struggling Cartoonist... available Feb 28!

Prof. Mark "Toonery" (Smith) is a Freelance Cartoonist and Animation Director based near Atlanta. His animated ads have won three Telly Awards and an Addy for Best Sales Video!
He's also the author/illustrator of The Art of Flash Animation: Creative Cartooning, as well as The Struggling Cartoonist, due out in early 2021 from BookLogix.
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