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Gibby the Gibborang Social Distance Safety PSA 60

Gibby the Gibborang Social Distance Safety PSA 60

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When Covid-19 began the Quarantine in Spring of 2020, like many other Americans, Prof. Mark faced an uncertain future of unemployment, as his on-campus classes were cancelled. Thankfully however, "to the Good Lord above!" said Prof. Mark in his own words, his three cancelled classes were quickly replaced by three freelance Public Service Announcements, less-than-coincidentally on the very relevant subject of Social Distance Safety.

The first of the trio was Gibby the Gibborang.

At the time, Prof. Mark noted, "Gibby the Gibborang is a character created by Sports Specifics, Inc. Although I worked with Gibby on another project nearly a decade ago, the coronavirus situation has brought the friendly fitness instructor and his jungle friends back to the public eye this week." Gibby and Grady the Hippo remind their friends of the importance of Social Distance Safety in this all-new animated Public Service Announcement! Please, SHARE this important message with all your family, young friends, and coworkers!

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