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Cartoonyville Comics started as a giveaway item on Free Comic Book Day in May 2014, an event sponsored by Comic Book publishers and local comic shops, on the first Saturday of every May. Additional issues are occasionally offered quarterly at the Atlanta Comic Convention (, with special "combo advertising packages" available for print ads and animated website ads. Prof. Mark wrote and drew the comics himself, based on his adventures with Deadbeat Skunk, Thurman Q. Porcupine, and his other cartoon friends in the "temporarily fictional" amusement park of Cartoonyville.

Cartoonyville is made up of four sections or "villages":


Have down-home fun with members of the Riverbottom Bayou Bend Band, along with Brer Bloodhound, and Brer Possum. Also explore Professor Everyone's Hall of Cryptids, a creepy old Southern mansion, where visitors can learn about Bigfoot, Nessie, and all their "mystery animal" cousins like living dinosaurs, pterosaurs and Thunderbirds.


Park Ranger Ray-Ray has her hands full with the denizens of Jungleville. Besides puppet dinosaurs like Dimentrodon and Mokele, they also visit local nature centers, like the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve.


Mrs. Appleberry, the resident fairy godmother of Cartoonyville, serves here as a "Resident Administrator" for the realms of fantasy. (And a word to the wise, if she offers to grant you a wish, you might just take a step back... she's a bit nearsighted, and in her own words, her spells "don't always work just quite right the first time...")


Most episodes in Cartoonyville tend to wrap up in Videoville, where the characters from the other villages "hang out" after work. Videoville is the sort of "catch all" section of Cartoonyville, with everything from the silent era of early films to the digital age of multimedia, including the adventures of Admiral Zap Antler of the Cosmoose!

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