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Cartoonyville Studios

Find the latest updates from our projects-in-progress here!

While Halloween may be over, Cartoonyville is just getting started...


That There Hawbit

That There Hawbit is one of our latest award winning short films, from an L.A. Film Festival. It won in the Best Parody category.

Cap'nStubblebeard 1.jpg

Cartoonyville Halloween Bloopers

Did you miss the Cartoonyville Halloween Special? Well, we missed a few things, too... like our lines! And seriously, this 30-second version of our Blooper Reel that ran during the closing credits was just the tip of the iceberg. We missed--well, OK, messed up so, SO many lines. Check back for an extended version, coming soon!


Have a Moldy Halloween!

Our latest book trailer featuring Terry the Chipmunk and Moldy the Orange. Check out more of our client book trailers on our Books page.

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