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All right, even if you may not specifically need a BIGFOOT in your Advertising, then perhaps you might consider the usefulness of HUMOR in Advertising, especially with character-driven videos featuring 2D Animation, Stop Motion, and of course... Puppetry!

Auto Dealership Ads

We do three types of Auto Dealership ads. The first are just like any of our basic Renta-Toons, "regionally recyclable" ads, which require only the audio track (narration, with no adjustment to character lip-synch) and tag graphics (website, phone number, etc.) to be modified.

A second type can be seen in this first episode ("Wild Moose Chase") in a campaign or series of ads entitled "Wild Auto Deals," where temporary stand-in Donovan Dinkley's caricature can be replaced with the cartoon likeness of a local manager or location owner, and the audio track and tag graphics can also be substituted. (Providing quality audio tracks are the responsibility of the client, delivered as AIFF, WAV, QuickTime or mp3 files. Also note, we require similar photo setups of the local dealership shown in the demo version, and one similar "panning" video shot of the dealership for the chase scene.)


In the rest of the series, the host has subjected himself to a list of dangerous animals (even dinosaurs!), despite the better advice of his novice animal trainer, Carol-Ann.

Also note that this particular series offers the possibility of a "multimedia campaign." In other words, since the characters (including the moose) are wearing the dealer's "famous T-shirts," we can provide character art for the dealer to print on their local T-shirts as promotional giveaway items, further "drawing attention" (sorry, pun intended) to your dealership!

Furthermore, as television ads are usually limited to 30 seconds, we can also provide optional "director's cut" versions as exclusive, extended ads on your website. (Sort of like DVD bonus features, in a way...)

Custom Exclusive (Non-recyclable) ads

The most popular seems to be the "custom exclusive" level, which of course involves building an ad from the ground up, as in these two examples.

In this first ad built for BAM Advertising in Pennsylvania, there's a custom caricature of the spokesman (we do six complimentary sketch options from the photo provided; additional sketches are available for an additional charge), and a handy middle section that can be changed on a monthly basis to reflect the latest special offers. A local video producer provided us the drone footage in the closing shot.

In this ad for Sons Kia McDonough (near Atlanta), Rafael Sanchez had already commissioned this caricature for his print ads, so it was very easy to take this "pre-approved mascot" and animate it, by translating the illustration into a vector image using Flash (i.e., tracing it).

Rafael Sanchez caricature ©Rafael Sanchez

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