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Prof. Mark had always wanted to do an animated music video. And much to his delight, two came up almost simultaneously. The first, "Summer Break," performed by Frankie DeCarlos, featured a bored office worker who encounters the welcome distraction of a lovely assistant. The two of them escape their humdrum office roles by literally leaping into the vacation photos on their desk calendars. (NOTE: Prof. Mark makes a cameo appearance, in animated form, as the Office Janitor.)

The next video, "Euphoria," also featured a pair of would-be sweethearts, trying to escape boredom. This time, a couple of students escape a mundane classroom by being "drawn into" their notebook doodles. Here's a quick sampler of the song, plus an interview Prof. Mark performed with Aaron Small, the star of the video. Music was by Dukes of DaVille.

And here's the video itself! You don't have to look too closely at the end of the video to see Prof. Mark, the animator of the video, in a cameo appearance as the seemingly gruff Math Professor. (The line he says to Aaron, "Kid... you really ought to be a cartoonist," was first spoken to Prof. Mark, when he was a math student himself in high school; his teacher caught him drawing in class, too!)

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