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Louie T. McClain II (of Melanin Origins books) contacted to produce an animated children's book promo because he had seen the "Kayden is Different" short we had produced. Regrettably, he had already paid someone else on to produce a "bargain basement" cartoon for him using "clip art" characters; almost a minute of animation for just over $150... and was naturally, dissatisfied with the results. Here are his original words:

"The guy on Fiverr couldn't do anything custom, so I'm stuck with this.  Please provide a quote on how much it'll take to do this with our characters and better custom background."

And, after we sent him the first test shots of animation, using his original character designs (instead of "clip art" characters) and a hand-painted custom background, here's what he had to say about the results...

"This is blowing my mind.  Every time I receive an update, I get fueled with more energy to keep up my work.  Thank you... Your work has been a blessing to us... You are our secret weapon."

Louie T. McClain II
Melanin Origins, LLC: a children's book company

Later, Louie had me expand the video (also seen on the Books and Publishing page of the site), by adding a musical introduction. Here it is:

And here's what Louie had to say about the update, which he's currently using in film festivals to promote his publishing company:

"Words cannot express my excitement!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!  This is the best news of the year!!!  I really appreciate your efforts and for being so modest with the price.  As we grow and expand, I look forward to a continued business relationship." - Louie T. McClain II

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