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While working as the Creative Services Director for the Montgomery ABC affiliate, Prof. Mark realized how many local commercials are BORING... and easy to ignore. So the question he asks potential clients now is...

"Can you AFFORD to have your ad ignored?

Our Mission Statement is simple, " makes animation affordable for local business owners."

Furthermore, our goal is "We fix boring ads!"

We can do this with any of our styles, from our most popular "Saturday morning cartoon style" (also referred to as hand-drawn or 2D) to our latest offering, Stop Motion (sometimes called Clay animation or "Claymation").

And the way we make it affordable is by simply recycling these ads in non-competitive viewing areas, for locally-owned businesses (Atlanta, Montgomery or Pittsburgh, for instance). We swap out the website, contact info and the narration in the video tag, as you'll see in this sample "Termite Barrier" ad.

Pest Control

This is the first Renta-Toon we sold, as many cities have locally-owned and operated pest control services.

Prof. Mark had already done several "custom exclusive" ads for Zap Pest Control of Montgomery, AL, and offered his very first Renta-Toon sale to them.

He customized the generic grey-suited service provider (another version still available as an option) by replacing him with the blue "Zap wizard" that serves as Zap Pest Control's official mascot.

Pest Control

Heating and AC

This 60-second Pest Control Renta-Toon visits Phil and Pearl, a perfect sitcom couple from the early 1960s, who make the mistake of allowing their home to become too "bug friendly."


Special thanks to Jennifer Curra, who provided the voice of Pearl!

"Hey Honey, It's the Roaches!"

Ever notice how, especially from February through April (depending where you live), Winter and Spring never can seem to "make up their minds?" That led to the idea for this "tug of war" with the poor Groundhog at the center. This ad is available for Heating and AC unit service companies.

Again, special thanks to Jennifer Curra, who provided the voice of Lady Spring!

Oz AC "Is it Hot in here?

This Renta-Toon was originally created for Hammock's Heating and Air in Atlanta, but can be revised for broadcast outside Georgia, with either an original "Scarecrow" or custom mascot/spokesperson character.

This ad is obviously more relevant when the weather is getting warmer, and throughout summer.

Wonderland AC

When a client needs to rent more than one ad at a time, of course, they generally get a discount. And it is nice to have more than one ad playing at a time, to keep things "fresh."

This Wonderland AC ad made a nice companion piece to the Oz ad, just above.


Family or Pediatric Dentist

And here's a Family/Pediatric Dental Ad for a "dentist detective" who is hired to help a young patient rid herself of "The Tooth Germ."

This is another ad that can be customized with a caricature of the local dentist, and of course, we could also use a quality voice recording of the dentist (client must supply) or we could get a local actor/actress to perform the voice, if needed.


Trash Removal and Recycling

"Gordo the Garbage Muncher" is an example of a "new RentaToon by Request," which means that we created a new ad for BLD Waste and Recycling Services here in Atlanta. Because we let them have the new ad at the same low price as our ready-made, "Regionally Recyclable" ads, it's available for other "renters," at least in non-competitive viewing areas.


After BLD Waste Services had their first ad running for a year, they decided it was time for a new ad, "just to keep things fresh." (Now that's a smart move, especially for garbage removal!)

But seriously, we have been getting more requests for pricing on "campaigns" or multiple commercials.

Also, it was a good excuse to add a new character to the mix, Rudy the Recycle Rogue," as BLD had expanded recyclables pickup to their services.

As with all Renta-Toons, this series is first come, first serve; and both are already running in the Atlanta viewing area.

Security Systems

Security Services

This "Burglar ad" was one of the first Renta-Toons completed as a demonstration. It's obviously designed for Home Security providers, although it could be modified to include internet security or even identity theft. The existing audio reads "While our home security systems may not be this much FUN to watch, rest assured... they're every bit as EFFECTIVE."

Of course, we can customize this audio tag by your request.


Furniture Showroom

This ad for a locally-owned furniture showroom can be customized with both interior and exterior photos as backgrounds, of your client's local business.


Please make sure to give us several photographic options, and make sure there are no people visible in each shot. (Yes, we can PhotoShop them out of there, but would prefer not to charge an extra fee for doing so... and of course, we much prefer to deliver the commercial more quickly!)


Chinese Restaurant

A hungry tourist goes overboard in his search for a "taste of China." This demo version of our Chinese Restaurant Renta-Toon can be customized with local photo or video.

Finally, here's a sneak preview (just a snapshot so far) of our latest Renta-Toon in progress, the Stop Motion (often called Clay animation or "Claymation") ad for "Prehistoric Transportation gone extinct," in which a caveman must finally buy a newer car.

Stay tooned!

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