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Dr. Thylacine's Hall of Cryptids is a Halloween Puppet play performed at the Clanton Public Library on Saturday, October 26, with two performances at 4PM and 7PM. Starring Cartoonyville's own Scrapbag Puppets, and presented by the Central Alabama Performing Arts Guild.

We refer to it as a "Puppet play" rather than a puppet show, as we mix human actors with puppets starring as the Cryptids or "Mystery Beasts," such as Bigfoot, lake monsters, and modern dinosaurs! Dr. Thylacine himself is a Tasmanian wolf who seems quite active, despite being reportedly extinct, since his last official relative died in a zoo in 1936.

Young Nancy Naysayer is forced off the road by a thunderstorm, and must take shelter in a rural Southern mansion. The building turns out to be a museum of cryptids, or mystery beasts such as Bigfoot, lake monsters and living dinosaurs, run by Dr. Thylacine and his butler Lukewarm the Coelacanth. Nancy's skeptical attitude is tested as Dr. Thylacine shares stories of mystery animals around the globe, while they wait for the storm to pass. Stories combine human actors with traditional hand and shadow puppet monsters.